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Seasons 2
Episodes 31
Written By Tony Dallape & Nolan
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Directed By Tony Dallape & Nolan
Anthology The Winterverse Anthology
Crossovers Michael's Camera; MedBoy789; The Mayhem Theory

AcryfromWinter is a horror webseries filmed in the found footage hand held camera style that was created by Tony Dallape and Nolan. The series was one of the first to be created in the arknmythos lore and is one of the the "prime" series in it's lore. The series focuses heavily on symbolism and recovery. The series is currently in it's 2nd act.

The Plot

Timeline A :


The series is told through chronologically uploaded videos posted to youtube by a young man by the name of Alex Winter. The show focuses on the main character Alex as he begins his adventures into madness/

Alex is seeing a therapist by the name of Doctor Ellis as a part of court mandated therapy that was a legally required step in his recovering of a horrible childhood incident. Through dialog given by the character we learn that the incident in question was that of him surviving a tragedy involving the slaughter of his family. Because of this trauma and the damage this has caused Dr Ellis requests that he partake in an experimental drug that is not as of yet out of it's trial stages. Being as naive as Alex is, he agrees.

Fast forward/ Alex begins uploading regular updates on his life events as requested by his medical instructions detailing the sightings of some very strange and bizarre entities including monsters in beaked masks and a tall shapeless thing with a long skull mask for a face. There doesn't appear to be anything harmful to him happening until the video " biding the time" was posted on September 25th, 2014. In the video Alex is seen walking onto a bridge headed into the woods and later returning covered in blood only to pass out on the front of his car.

This is when we meet His best buddy and life long supervisor James. James has been Alex's friend for almost his entire life and from hints and clues laid out throughout different parts of dialog, he was even around when the tragedy involving his family happened. James sticks with Alex through thick and thin which is what inspires him to upload his own video to the channel entitled " new comers" suggesting that Alex had been acting a little bit stranger then usual and he had been asked by Dr Ellis to look after him even closer then usual.

Alex finds himself waking up in the woods only to realize the vehicle he drove in with was missing and that his camera was dying. There seemed to be nothing wrong with him personally and as he tries to discuss what happened he runs into one of the beaked people again only this time, on camera. Approaching it cautiously takes a turn for the worst when he asks for directions for leaving it attacks him and he's soon met by the long nosed entity who attacks him as well. Struggling to run he suddenly finds himself home inside his kitchen, and even sooner throwing up in the bathroom.

Alex later finds that a package has been left for him at the office of Ellis upon retrieving the package he is greeted with a runner. The Pursuing chase turns up no evidence to the runner or his purpose however Alex discovers the package contains a camera in it with unknown content. Upon discussion of the contents in the camera Alex and James find themselves being railed by another runner that upon apprehension admits to being a patient of Ellis as well. It's at this time that the boys are met with the possibility that there are other patients out there that might be going through the same situation as them.

The boys agree to take the patient home however a turn of events halts their process as he disappears and they are sent into a bit of a time loop as Alex meets another version of himself in a very spooky manor. Alex then gets the idea to try going back to the place he visited so he devises a plot through the means of a 3 circled teleportation device he found on the internet ; surprisingly this works and he finds himself teleported to another reality.

TimeLine B :


Alex finds himself in some sort of alternate timeline where he never survived the tragedy of his family however he was responsible for it and the Alex Winter in this timeline is incarcerated under death row. James walks in from work to find Alex in his house where he proceeds to pull a gun on him at point blank. Alex reveals his intentions and explains the situation while James to no surprise isn't buying it. James proceeds to call the prison only to discover that the Alex from that timeline is in fact still in his cell. This is when he agrees to help Alex for now and the camera is shut off.

A video goes up on the channel entitled "can you hear me knocking" where James is discussing the situation at hand where a slamming knock on his backdoor rings through his house. When he goes to open the door Alex is at the door bleeding nearly half to death and passes out on his back yard. James does the neighborly thing and brings him in and suggests they start figuring out where to go from there. As well as keeping Alex from being spotted by authorities.

Another video is uploaded to the channel entitled "like pieces to a puzzle" where Alex finds several notes laying around his "new" house that spell out the words "find and record" which would later become a major theme in the show. Soon after this James is out looking for Alex whos been spooked from the vents of the previous video. James runs across Alex skipping through the woods and claiming that his name isn't Alex but something else entirely and that he is here to help the boys prevent some kind of event from happening. The even is to remain unknown for a large portion of the time. Alex then meets an outside source that points Alex in the direction of other patients that could possibly be of help to the boys.

During the hiatus two oddly cinematic videos appear on the channel entitled " several weeks prior " and "interlude" revealing cinematic-ally plotted events that are important to the rest of the series.

The next video to be uploaded, after a long hiatus again, is "break through" in which we are revealed that Alex and James have named the beaked entities Lurkers and that Alex is in pursuit of one. Alex is sent a package of medication from another outside source where in he takes the medication and has one of his worst medication trips hes had yet revealing long nose again.

The next video to appear on the channel is untitled and shows Dr Ellis popping into Alex's house while he's swarmed with lurkers. Ellis continues to fire upon the lurkers and states that Alex's dad would be disappointing in where Alex ended up so they should not let him see this.

The boys decide to take a trip to meet one of the patients named Karl. ( Karl is a fucked up individual). Karl introduces the concept of sky people and things existing that have a higher purpose. The next several videos are random videos appearing out of nowhere, one of them introducing the name of the entity that showed up named Malek.

"follow up procedures" appears on the channel revealing that Malek and James had gone to visit Karl one more time where their plans to kill him were halted only shortly after they were given valuable information regarding the sky people and something called "Arkn" . This only begins to confirm Maleks true reason for being here.

Through the course of the next few entries an outside source of an Ellis medication supplier only going by the name of X is confirmed to exist. Through some investigation Alex finds out that Karl is working with another patient Crest and that they are both meeting up in the woods to get a hold of the street medication. Alex is then knocked out and dragged back to his house. Its here that Karl returns to pick up Alex and brings him back to his own house where he tortures him for information, soon after being met by Malek who pops a few caps in his ass and shifts the realities once more.

TimeLine B.2


Timeline b.2 is a timeline that's more or less a purgatory where Alex is some internet reviewer that uncovers a few things involving the Arkn and lurkers. He meets up with a history professor named Gabriel Taylor who is an expert on symbolism and historical religion. The meeting between the two reveals that the arkn and dekn are separate forces that have been raging war for centuries. Later in Alexs hotel room taylor breaks into the room and drags alex out after he discovers a bunch of symbols left in his room. Gabriel drags Alex out into the parking lot where he drives him to an unknown location telling him that he is going home. Alex wakes up back in his original timeline.

Timeline A .2


Alex returns home only to discover he's been sent back to his original leaving point where James asks if the teleporter only sent him a few feet and that that was stupid. Alex discovers that he is now under house arrest and that is where we are left.

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