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The Arkn Mythos Anthology Trailer

The Arkn Mythos Anthology Trailer

The Arkn Mythos is a mythos created by Michael, Tony Dallape, and Kekstein, centering around an eternal War between Arkn and Dekn, a computer generated AI system, and much more! A large majority of its stories are told through webseries' and written works, though plans for short films, short stories, and audio dramas are in the works. The Arkn Mythos as of current is open source, and creating within it is highly accepted and looked upon greatly.


The Arknthology details the stories of the Arknza, or Arknangels as they discover who they are and learn their purpose in this world. The story begins with Ellpagg's torment, and hits the first of five climaxes with Ellpagg's awakening of the powers within each Arknza, allowing them to start realizing their potential. After going through separate trials and tribulations, occasionally interacting with each other or staying silent, the Arknza are forced to come back into action after the release of Voidweb, endangering their universe.

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