Asmodeus as he appears in Another Window
Name Asmodeus
Class Unknown
Status Alive
Alignment Dekn
Verse Unknown
Honestly, I really don't understand why we saved you idiots, 'cause you all are fucking retarded.
— Asmodeus about humanity.

Asmodeus is the main antagonist of Season 2 of MedBoy789. He is the Dekn Lord of Desire, Deceit, and Nightmares.


Asmodeus is a character that first appears in Another Window. After Tobias and Raphael burn the deceased Aqua Skethe, a storm happens and Asmodeus appears to Tobias, possessing his drug dealer, Matt. He introduces himself as the Dekn Lord of Desire, and tries to convince Tobias to join the Dekn and not to listen to Raphael. He departs by teleporting Tobias to the future.

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