Azazel as he appears in july 13th'.
Name Azazel
Class Unknown
Status Alive
Alignment Dekn
Verse The Mayhem Anthology
I just came to tell y'all, shit is about to go down!
— Azazel to the viewers.

Azazel is a Dekn, and a recurring character in The Mayhem Theory.


He first appeared to Gabriel Holden in the video, Him, possessing his best friend, Caden Grey. He was thought to be The Manipulator due to the mask he was wearing and fan speculation, however, in the encounter of may 15th, he revealed himself to be Azazel, a Dekn who had been monitoring Gabriel along with an unknown party.

In addition, he tells Gabriel that the identity of the Manipulator is unknown and that his colleagues are searching for him to prevent Gabriel from any further harm. Before exiting, he tells Gabriel to study the Arkn-Chron and learn as much as he can. After giving Gabriel the Arkn-Chron, he vanishes.

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