Dr. Ellis
Dr. Ellis as he appears in _.
Name Dr. Ellis
Class Unknown
Status MIA
Alignment Unknown
Verse The WinterVerse Anthology
Your father would be extremely disappointed to see you like this! So let's make sure he doesn't.
— Dr. Ellis to Alex Winter

Dr. Ellis is one of the first characters to appear on screen in the series AcryfromWinter.


He is the therapist that is scheduled to see Alex Winter upon his court mandated therapy. DR Ellis plays such an important role in the series even with his appearances being scarce. Ellis uses an experimental drug that has yet to leave the trial stages on his patients in some kind of experimental therapy. While Alex is under the impression that there are only a few other patients out there, there are in fact dozens upon dozens of patients that Ellis sees. Each of them have a different story and background but they are all tasked with the same thing, find and record. This is the moto for Ellis. He appears in 4 videos in acfw (a bitter winter) (another session) (several months prior) and ( _) . The last we have seen of him he was helping Alex escape a flock of Lurkers attacking him in his own home.

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