Gabriel Holden
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Gabriel Holden as he appears in the encounter of may 15th"
Name Gabriel Holden
Class Unknown
Status Alive
Alignment Unknown
Verse The Mayhem Anthology
I would ask for forgiveness, but I don't even know if there is a God to forgive me.
— Gabriel Holden

Gabriel Holden is the Main Protagonist of the Vlog / ARG series The Mayhem Theory.


Being stalked by an unknown being known as The Manipulator, Gabriel has accumulated several mental conditions including but not limited to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, anti-social disorder, etc. The Manipulator's intentions remain unknown, but various events have led viewers and Gabriel to believe that it is Gabriel's best friend, Caden. Beginning in September of 2014, Gabriel has been attacked and manipulated into situations which include but are not limited to kidnapping, internal hemorrhaging, schizophrenia, and torture.

Gabriel was also revealed by Michael to be an Archangel, a direct descendant of the Arkn whose powers, rather than being removed like the rest of humanity, were made dormant by the Lords of Existence. His powers include telekinesis, shadow travel, and other unknown abilities.

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