Malek as he appears in House Arrest 2.
Name Malek
Class Unknown
Status Alive
Alignment Unknown
Verse The WinterVerse Anthology
Get the fuck out, I am not talking to you through a mirror, do I look like a damned Arkn to you?
— Malek to Alex Winter.

Malek is an entity from the series AcryfromWinter who first appeared on screen in the video higher authorities.


The true nature of this entity is unknown and his real intentions as of right now are a mystery to say the least. The entity known as Malek is widely known by many Arkn and Dekn as proven through dialog in the Knight Shift where Knight asks the Carver himself if he's afraid of Malek in which he has no response. Malek seems to show himself whenever one of the main protagonists are lost or need to find their baring. Cameras produce a black and orange corruption whenever he shows up on screen.

Other Appearances

His interests very per series.

In the Mayhem Theory Malek is portrayed as demonic being of power and knowledge offering his hand in helping Gabriel himself. Through his depictions in the Knight Shift Malek shows up once again helping out Knight. Medboy789 portrays him as a demonic entity possessing Toby's dog Bobo and his intentions seem to be mischievous but unknown. In his birth series acfw, he is portrayed as one of the many antagonists and almost a split personality of Alex. Something that does remain constant between all his appearances tho are his cravings for pizza rolls.


Uriel, you defected from a group of people who are just a bunch of assholes and bureaucrats that were just so consciously and consciously focused on their own self-righteous glorification of destroying a species that's not even their own, and they don't even stop to think of the time and effort and the benefits of bettering their own species! You, along with a couple others... But you took the sword to the head on that one.
— Malek to Uriel.
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