Michael's Camera
"It's almost as if you think the Arkn are the good guys. Newsflash: We're not."
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Seasons 2
Episodes 46
Written By DeathlyLogic
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Directed By DeathlyLogic
Anthology A bridge between The Winterverse Anthology and The Mayhem Anthology
Crossovers AcryfromWinter; The Mayhem Theory

Michael's Camera is an Arkn Mythos Vlog that takes place in The WinterVerse. It shows the video logs of a patient of Dr. Ellis as he slowly descends into what is either madness or the truth.


After finding a strange camera, an amateur v-logger known only by the first name of Michael uses the opportunity to vlog about his dreams and the effects of the pills meant to 'normalize' the dreams. After his first few pills prove to worsen the nightmares, Michael moves doctors and stumbles upon one by the name of Olora, who presents him with a new type of medication. Upon taking it, Michael's eyes change from brown to orange, and he begins experiencing what seems to be a case of possession from an unknown being. After continuing to take the pills, the possession gets worse and ends up revealing itself as the entity "Redgrave". While not willing to help Michael, the entity does allow him the chance to save a child being terrorized by one of the creatures that had come from his dreams, but Michael failed in saving the child and something along the lines of a time-reset happened, causing Michael to gain different memories and act differently.

In the new reset, Michael is under a sort of hospital recommended house-arrest until his newly created pill logs are cut short when someone claiming to be his "Guardian Arkn" shows up and challenges Redgrave's power over Michael. Soon enough, the Arkn is caught up in otherworldy hijinks involving a Dekn Lord inside of Michael's body and is forced to leave it as another, much more powerful entity calling itself a Fallen Hethe shows up, and kills both the Arkn, and the Dekn Lord with a shot to the head as Michael's reality seemed to crumble and distort.

As of now, it is unknown as to whether or not Michael survived the reality crumble.


  • Alex Winter
  • Dale
  • Michael K
  • Persophelus Redgrave
  • The Hooks Killer
  • The Knight
  • The Condor


Season 1

  2. 0) One
  3. 1) The Fix
  4. 2) Friends
  5. My Video
  6. (Sleep log 1)
  7. (Sleep log 2)
  8. Prelude to 2/16/15's Sleep Log
  9. (Sleep log 3)
  10. sleep paralysis
  11. (Sleep log 4)
  12. (Pill log 1)
  13. (Sleep log 5)
  14. (Pill log 2)
  15. Driving
  16. Doctor's Appointment
  17. February 23, 2015
  18. (colon))
  19. The bleeding effect
  20. Marty
  23. Gaerbogg
  24. I just don't know
  25. my relapse
  26. watch this video Michael.
  27. The Debigrath Effect

Season 2

  1. 00) One
  2. No Sleep Day 1
  3. korsav_shrovak
  4. No Sleep Day 2
  5. No Sleep Day 3
  6. Enter Title
  7. Two Minutes In
  8. I have to shoot myself in the face.
  9. beating the dead horse
  10. The letter
  11. hahaha
  12. VID00014
  13. Prelude to the catastrophe of May 15
  14. Aftermath to the catastrophe of May 15
  15. May 15
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