Michael Knight
Michael as he appears in Last box in the Attic.
Name Michael Knight
Class ArknAngel
Status Alive
Alignment Dekn
Verse The WinterVerse Anthology
The Arkn and the Dekn... It's morally greyish, if you side with them, it pulls your sanity, and pulls a part of you to that side! And I, I might have made a mistake by siding with The Dekn, but a part of me is still aware that things are fucked up, so I'm gonna need you to just wait a little bit, and your time will come, and you're going to have to make a choice. Stay grey, alright? Good.
— Michael to Gabriel Holden.

Michael K is the titular main protagonist of the Arkn Vlog, Michael's Camera.


Season 1

Michael was initially a patient of Dr. Ellis, due to him being under house arrest, and began seeing things others couldn't, such as The Condor. He and his internet friend, Alex Winter, began interacting over the internet with the two of them being Ellis patients. He was granted an artificial Dekn from his pills known as Persophelus Redgrave. Upon Michael relapsing, Redgrave explains The Debigrath Effect, and leaves in order to not be involved.

Season 2

Upon his relapse, he began being possessed by his Arkn, The Knight, who threatened Redgrave to stay away from Michael. After a failed attempt at hunting down The Condor, The Knight gets infuriated with Michael and attacks him.

Michael attempts to side with the Dekn, and by doing this, he attempts to kill Gabriel Holden. However, with Gabriel's powers growing, Michael claims to decide to stay neutral between the two sides of the war, and recommends that Gabriel stays the same before sending him back.

Season 3

Between the time period of three months, Michael receives training from Ellpagg, as well as a new home, The Homestead. During this time period, he befriends Tobias Kestler over the internet, who he might think is a clue to finding the next ArknAngel.

Despite what he said to Gabriel, his current goal is to find Arkaissa and eliminate the ArknAngels.Before heading to The Beyond, Ellpagg arrives and warns him to stop interacting with Tobias and looking for Alex. Michael heads to The Beyond and brings his doll, Dale, back with him. Michael sets Dale on a chair and claims hes going to 'wait this out.'


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