The Manipulator
The Manipulator as he appears in august 22nd.
Name The Manipulator
Class Unknown
Status Alive
Alignment Unknown
Verse The Mayhem Anthology
did you miss me?
— The Manipulator

The Manipulator is one of the main antagonists of the vlog/ARG The Mayhem Theory. It is the supposed main antagonist of Season 1.


The Manipulator has broken down the main protagonist, Gabriel, on multiple occasions, pushing him to the brink of insanity. In charge of the P1AGU3 blog that started Gabriel's escapade, he still is the driving motivation to which Gabriel wants to stop.

An unknown entity, he seems to be possessing someone close to Gabriel so he is able to go into Gabriel's home and car without attracting attention. The identity of the person being inhabited is unknown at this time, but with Gabriel's research he is drawing closer to the persons identity. The Manipulators ultimate goals are unknown, but they seem to be malicious.

Tactics to attack Gabriel include hallucinations, kidnappings, internal hemorrhaging, and severe anxiety. A psychological approach to his subjects seems to be it's favorite plan of action, as it wants the subjects mind to be broken down to submit to whatever will it intends.