The Mayhem Theory
"What do you believe in?"
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Seasons 1
Episodes 20
Written By The Arbiter
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Directed By The Arbiter
Anthology The Mayhem Anthology
Crossovers Michael's Camera; AcryfromWinter

The Mayhem Theory is a Arkn Mythos Vlog/Alternate Reality Game that takes place in The Mayhem Canon. The series is spread across Twitter and Youtube, heavily relying on fan interaction between to move the plot in different directions.


The series begins by following a teenager named Gabriel Holden, who has been barraged by a series of blogs that pop up everywhere in his life, threatening him with various codes and puzzles to solve with various consequences for failure. The blog is written by The Manipulator, a strange being which goes to any length and crosses boundaries to torment anyone which he wants to submit to his will. Gabriel is now being led down a path where he learns of his ancestry, leading to possibly angelic roots, and learning of The Manipulator's identity and his part in a grand war between the light and the dark. Recently, it seams that Gabriel's timeline was ripped out of Kryesor and into .Reality, specifically The Mayhem Anthology.


  • Gabriel Holden
  • Azazel
  • Caden Grey
  • Malek
  • Michael K
  • The Manipulator

Episodes (In Chronological Order)

Season One

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