Uriel as he appears in The Court of 3 Kings.
Name Uriel
Class Unknown
Status MIA
Alignment Unknown
Verse Multiple
What does one that left the very people that he so passionately promised to fight for, to avenge and to protect... And then, I just took that and left, just like that. How could I ask to be anywhere else but a place that serves punishment and torment?
— Uriel to Malek.

Uriel is an ArknAngel that was introduced in the AcryfromWinter episode, The Court of 3 Kings.


Uriel seemed to be a commander of the royal army, until something had caused him to defect. Now, he resides in the Infernous as a form of self-punishment for doing so. Malek is frustrated by this and attempts to show him that he's made the wrong choice by doing so, but is unable to convince him. He says he has some connection with Alex Winter, however he claims that he's not his vessel. Malek is shown to be aware of this, and has been watching over him for Uriel.

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